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Feyenoord Museum

On the beautiful historic Olympia side of the stadium, the renovated Feyenoord Museum opened its doors on 18 January 2017. In the themed museum, together the numerous relics and an impressive timeline form the history of Feyenoord and the stadium.

Guided tours

During a tour through De Kuip, past and present come together as you enter the new Feyenoord Museum from the best pitch in the Netherlands and through the old players' tunnel. The museum tells the many stories that make Feyenoord the glorious club it is today. It takes us from the first national championship in 1924 to the most recent national championship in 2017. And it goes from the Kromme Zandweg to the many historic evenings at De Kuip. Every visitor will experience a journey through time by seeing the history of this popular club, its stadium and the people who coloured its history.

The Feyenoord Museum can only be visited as part of a guided tour of De Kuip.

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